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  Evaluating the Need for Assisted Living

It can be difficult to tell a loved one that they are unable to return home. Health & Safety being the initial and

main concerns, anyone having difficulty managing on their own will require some level of assistance. Choosing the

correct type of care as well as the right care provider is essential.  This process can prove to be difficult as each individual

will come with their own specific wants, needs and  obtainable resources. READ MORE

Cost of Assisted Living

Paying for Long Term Assisted Living

We should all have the privilege of receiving good care, regardless of our income or resources. Monthly budgets

will ultimately play a part when planning for long term care. Unfortunately typical insurances generally do not cover

long term care. We will consult you on programs that you may qualify for, seeking and helping to secure any money or

assistance that may be available. Our service is free for those seeking guidance. We are a provider funded connection

source. Let us do all of the heavy lifting for you. READ MORE

Finding local assisted living facilities

Finding the Right Senior Care Services

Choosing the right type of care and/or care facility for a loved one can be complicated. Medicaid, Medicare,

Veteran Benefits, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Independent Living, Group Homes, Respite, Hospice and

Home Care are the most common terms used within the markets. People need a reliable source to assist them with

the various dynamics that are related to a loved one’s care needs and the options available to them. Our staff will

personally tour the options with you, helping you ask the tough questions while avoiding over budget and

sub-standard services along the way. READ MORE

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