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Care First

1701 Boulan Drive, Troy,
Oakland, 48084, United States
$3,500base Non Licensed - Small Group (4-6 residents)
Assisted Living
  • 803
  • 0
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms


Monthly costs will vary depending on style of room as well as level of care.   Contact us for accurate pricing estimates for your situation as well as availability.  Call us now: 248-702-5082


Our commitment to the quality delivery of care is unmatched. This starts with our luxurious, barrier-free residence located in Troy, Michigan. With a rehabilitative, holistic focus on the most vulnerable among us – including those with catastrophic injuries – we complement our community with safe, dignified, well-organized care. Explore to learn how we can be of service to your family or those whose care you manage.

Residential Program

Within the Boulan Residence we combine style, person-centeredness and functionality. We invest the time to learn about those who wish to be served by our team. We take this knowledge and use it to create an environment that lens specific, personal, meaningful attention to our residents and those attending the home for adult day services.

General services include:
• Personal Care, via our partner American Case Management
• Homemaker Services
• Structured Activities
• Nutritious, Fun Meals
• Medical Needs Transportation
• In-House Care Coordination

Residential Adult Day Services

So many in SE Michigan cannot be left home alone all-day long. Further they wish to remain at home with family and friends which makes life in assisted living or a skilled nursing home undesirable. At the same time, larger, commercial oriented adult day care centers can be overwhelming and resemble the very environments so many wish to avoid. Care First’s Adult Day Health program, complete with care coordination takes place in a quaint, residential environment without the hassles of overwhelming space and uncontrollable noise.

Under the supervision of a master’s degree level business executive and medical practice manager along with an experienced physical therapist, we also help families ensure that care of all types is properly coordinated as long as we are serving you in our residential program.

Services include: 
1. Nutritious meals 
2. Medical needs transportation 
3. Structured activities 
4. Area for naps

Contact us to discuss how our community based care along the continuum initiative can make life easier for you. Some services offered in the program may be Medicare reimbursable while others may wish to contribute for daily attendance as low as $65.00 per day.

About Us

We are seasoned business and clinical professionals who have decided to combine those critical elements of small-scale assisted living with day services under one roof. The goal is to help the most vulnerable among us to receive quality care in a smaller, less overwhelming environment with the right clinical attention. Admissions follows the appropriate protocol for the adult foster care system in Michigan. We are anxious to be of service to our community

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